API Gallery - GitHub Topic Subscribe

This is a prototype to demonstrate how APIs can be turned into streaming topical subscriptions using an OpenAPI to define topical searches, which allow users to subscribe to streams of each search from the GitHub API, and

For this subscription tool to work you will need to authenticate with GitHub, and obtain a GitHub OAuth token ** you will be able to query the GitHub API, as well as save the an JSON responses to a private GitHub repository within your account.

GitHub Search for Istio OpenAPI Subscribe
GitHub Search for Kafka OpenAPI Subscribe
GitHub Search for Kubernetes OpenAPI Subscribe
GitHub Search for React OpenAPI Subscribe
GitHub Search for Tensorflow OpenAPI Subscribe

This project is open source and available on Github. If you have any questions, or come across that doesn't work, or have any ideas about features that we should add, submit an issue on Github. We are working to add other features in the near future so make sure and return often or contact us about how we can help.

* Requires repo level OAuth access to be able to search the GitHub API, and create GitHub repos and write JSON files to the repo.